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Kids Arty Party

I am a CRB certified teacher and have tought a wide age range of children from 7 to 18.

Each young artist receives six vanilla or chocolate cup cakes and a demonstration on how to make decorations using sugar modelling paste.

I am at hand to help the budding artists decorate their six cakes to proudly take home along with a certificate for all their hard work for 'Show and Tell' at school!

Orange juice and pop are provided however I do not provide any party food. The party can be held at your home or venue.

The cake decorating party is one and a half hours long (including tidy up time).

£15.00 per child (minimum 8 children) plus £20.00.

Call on 07754 442 274 or email me for more information.

Hi Heather,

HUGE THANKS for yesterday. The girls really enjoyed the party, I guess you could tell that by it going on longer than the hour you intended, I didnt actually need to have party games planned for afterwards!

I do hope it didn't put you out too much staying longer than planned? Kieras cake was perfect, she absolutely loved it and the moshi monsters have been removed and kept - as expected!!

One comment we had was "thats the best birthday cake EVER!"

Kiera also loved her present. Thank you so much for that, its a lovely gift which we really didnt expect.

Once again, thank you for everything :)

Sue & Kiera (mother and daughter)